The Cardano Blockchain Ecosystem

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Come and enjoy a presentation from Cardano and learn about their blockchain ecosystem.

Speaker: Darren Camas, EMURGO
Emurgo is a venture builder for the Cardano blockchain

Darren Camas is a FinTech entrepreneur and consultant with more than 6 years in blockchain technology. He was an early adopter in the blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency space starting in 2011. His teams have pioneered emerging market FinTech business models and blockchain application R&D such as cryptographic proof of solvency, zero knowledge proofs, and trade finance. He has been an invited speaker about blockchain technology in Asia, Europe, and North and South America, and has been recognized as FinTech pioneers from financial institutions such as SWIFT and BBVA.

NCCU Computer Science Department

Fintech Research Center, College of Commerce NCCU

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